A short platformer where nothing is as it seems...

This game was made for the Community Game Jam!


  • This is my first unity game btw
  • There's no sounds because I don't have enough time to figure out how to add them, and any music I'd try to make would be so terrible that you would turn sound off anyways.
Made withUnity
TagsPixel Art


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Maybe it's just me, but the level with the disappearing platforms and the coins seems to be unbeatable. Other than that the theme was executed very well.


Unless you ran into some glitch, you just run over to the next platform right as they switch or stand on the edge of the platforms right as they switch. Thank you for the feedback!


Nice game man! Very good for you first game (or  you are  lying about that?)


Thanks! Yes, this is indeed my first unity game... or am I lying  right now, too? 0_o


We will never know

Yeah. I know this Robloxer irl and he's lying! I'm sorry EdZ123 but, honesty is the best policy